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Vizlib Pivot Table v3.1.3 released!

Release Date: 18/10/21

- [LIB-10229]: Dynamic Styling

Dynamic styling of a dimensions is using a trimmed representation of the dimensions values.

As a result values that include blanks in the end want be found.

- [LIB-10211]: Formatted export to Excel

When using comma as decimal separator, and point as thousand separator.
Using formatted export to excel results with a pattern displayed instead of the actual values.

- [LIB-10086]: Console Error

When a measure is deleted in  the properties panel, it causes a console error.

- [LIB-9559]: Alternate State Selection

Making selections in alternate state, isn't performed on the table.

- [LIB-10063]: Calculation Condition Error

Calculation condition for dimensions isn't hiding the dimensions.

- [LIB-9571]: Labels in Dimension Limitation

Setting a dimension limitation, instead of displaying "Others", the label is wrong.

- [LIB-9374]: Indicator Color

Indicator color for measures isn't changing.

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