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Self Service / Initial chart type

In the Self Service extension it should be possible to define an initial chart type (example: table box) when "Automatic chart selection" is unmarked.

  • Hi Christian,
    as I gather you have understood it is already possible to create a default starting point that includes a set visualization. Once set to a visualization it is however not also automatic and we currently have no plans to allow customization of automatic chart selections. (In theory we could allow customers to build their own logic of what visualizations should be selected for certain data sets but it is beyond the scope of the extension at least for the foreseeable future.) Having a different rule for only the default would also probably be confusing and difficult to manage.

    The automatic feature is easily accessible. The user can from the visualization either get the suggested automatic selection by using the lightbulb icon (red arrow in the image) or go to "automatic mode" by disabling the visualization (green arrow in the image).

    I would also suggest that you consider using presets and/or teaching the users how to use bookmarks to store/retrieve their favorite data set and visualization combinations. 

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#28792) and URL

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