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On Design and multiple use of a KPI Object


i would like to create a KPI object that I can use multiple times on a worksheet. Each KPI object should represent a single workstation, defined by an ID, which is also in the data source.

Can I store this ID for a KPI object and then work with this ID in the formulas within the KPI object, e.g. as a set expression?

I want to achieve that I only have to create the design of the KPI once and can then use it several times by assigning the ID.

I hope I have expressed myself in an understandable way, I am happy to answer questions about it.

Thanks for any suggestion.

  • Hi Marco
    You can save any KPI you created as a Template. 
    Then in two clicks, you can reuse it in a new KPI object. 

  • Hello Liron,

    many thanks for the answer.

    I am familiar with templates, but how can I "individualize" the individual KPI objects? KPI 1 should use all data records with ID1, KPI 2 should use all data records with ID2. The ID should be part of the set expression.

  • Hi Marco,
    ​You can do it, with one of our extension vizlib Tiles. It's part of our Vizlib Self-Service package. 
    In that extension, you'll be able to design a display with layers and define a dimensions to see the individual results for each value in the dimension.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#28951) and URL

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