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Vizlib Sheet Menu - Mashup support


It seems starting from version 3, Vizlib Sheet Menu doesn't support mashups anymore. As this is a very useful extension in combination with the Qlik Analytics Platform External Edition, it would be great if this can be supported again.



  • Hi Neil,
    The whole idea behind the sheet menu is that you won't need to use a mashup and the sheet menu will allow you to create a mashup-like design.
    There are quite a lot of features in the sheet menu that can't work in mashup, like top menu (there are no sheets in a mashup) and others. 
    Which parts of the sheet menu you look to use in your mashup.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#28957) and URL

  • We have released the sheet menu plus which should be used for any further development

    you can learn more about Sheet Menu Plus here 

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