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Vizlib Finance Report v3.13.0 released!

Release Date: 08/11/21

- [FR-1635]: Allow changing the color of the comment icon

This little icon used for showing comments was a bit tricky to see on some colors. Now you are free to change it to another color if you for example have a darker background that blends in with the icon. 

- [FR-1629]: [Partly a known limitation] Error when Include zero values is unchecked.

When not including zero values in Pivot tables the behavior of Qlik is a bit curious but with this fix we have made Finance Report consistent with the other tables inside Qlik Sense. The image below shows (from top left) Finance Report, Qlik Native Pivot table, Vizlib Pivot Table and finally, for reference, a native Straight Table. As shown in the red box in the straight table the total value for "Value 2" is 0 since the 2 and -2 sum up to 0. In all pivot tables (now including Finance Report) this leads to the first dimension being hidden but when the table is expanded the values are still shown. The only indication there is another dimension (Value 2) is the slightly thicker line (green arrows). Not perfect but this is expected behavior and consistent. 

(One theory behind how this issue came about in Qlik Sense is that before the feature for expand-all in Pivot-tables it was not possible to get to this situation. But with the option for expand-all we are now able to expand dimensions that are actually supposed to be hidden.)

- [FR-1627]: Finance Report - Format differs in the exported Excel file

In some instances we had an extra digit in the number exported to Excel compared to what was shown in Qlik Sense.

- [FR-1628]: Comments possible although condition is not an empty string

Somtimes we were able to comment even when we were not supposed to. Censorship now works as it should again.

- [FR-1626]: NPrinting output logo spin 

 A seemingly random issue when printing to NoPrinting was found and fixed. No more logos in the printing!

- [FR-1630]: Alternative dimensions needs master item dimension to work

An issue with dimensions not being recognized as alternative dimensions unless they were Master Items. (You should still always use Master Items if you can. It is a better practice anyway! :-) )

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