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Custom formula for Colored Measure Indicators

I am creating a P&L, and I am showing positive numbers for Revenue and Expenses so the Simple Mode for Indicators do not work to do comparisons.  It works for Revenue green for an increase, red for decrease.  But when it comes to Expenses it is showing green for a increase (which is bad and should be red) and red for decrease (which is good and should be green) .  How can I code in the advanced section so that it works properly?

  • Hi Chris,
    Can you elaborate a little bit more about your use case?
    Which Vizlib Chart do you use for it (Finance Report, Pivot Table, Table)?
    Do you have both expenses and revenue in the same measure? or they are separate measures?

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#29623) and URL

  • Hi Chris,
    you can definitely use any calculation you like for the indicator. You can use any normal Qlik Sense expression. I created a quick tiny example in the demo app just to show the concept for you but of course you should not do exactly like that. Probably a good idea would be to add a field that defines the "RowIndicatorType" that you can then use in a similar if-statement.

    In this example I change the arrow color and direction only for the row Direct Costs. 

    These are the expressions I used.

    I hope this helps!
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