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Change the space used for dimension labels Waterfall

We have long dimension labels. I want to be able to show the full text. Is this possible? Now it only shows the first part.


  • I hope you're well and safe?

    Thank you for contacting us, I am sorry you're experiencing problems with Vizlib Waterfall

    Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding this topic. after careful review, as this is unfortunately not an existing feature of our product yet,  I would recommend adding this as a feature request in our community here.


    This is the place where our customers can contribute in making our products even better by submitting new ideas for features! You will be able to share with us and other Vizlib customers why this would be a useful and important feature for us to consider implementing in the future (Please note that all requests are carefully reviewed by our Product managers who then make the decision to include them in the Product roadmap or not).

    I would also suggest to go through the various open requests to upvote/follow and also comment on the ones that are interesting to you (just like others will on your soon to be submitted feature request) so we can increase the priority on them and make sure we consider the ones that make the most positive impact to our customers first!

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