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Access to Content Library for Users of Non-Default Virtual Proxy


I have a content library from which I want to display an image as the logo for Vizlib's Top Menu. Let's say the expression for the logo URL is ='/content/Content_Library/image.png'. When a user logs in via a non-default virtual proxy, i would expect the src attribute of the img tag to be src="/virtual-proxy/content/Content_Library/image.png" because users of this virtual proxy have permission to access this URL to fetch the image. Instead, the src attribute is src="/content/Content_Library/image.png" which redirects (Status 302) users of this virtual proxy to the authentication endpoint of the default virtual proxy, triggering a login prompt. After dismissing the login, the image is not shown, as is expected since users of this virtual proxy have no permission to view resources associated with the default virtual proxy.

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