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Vizlib Pivot Table v3.2.1 released!

Release Date: 26/11/21

- [LIB-10536]: Context Menu Display

In Qlik Sense November 2021 version the context menu in analysis mode isn't displayed.

- [LIB-10423]: Dimensions Ordering in Analysis Mode

When more than 3 dimensions are added to the pivot table, dimensions ordering by drag and drop in analysis mode isn't working.

- [LIB-10417]:Templates Usage

Applying a template to a pivot table causes to a reappearance of the "Remove Custom HC" message.

- [LIB-10383]: Indicators Display

When scrolling down the table, Indicators aren't displayed in all cells.

- [LIB-10258]: Cells Background Color Display

When scrolling down and up the pivot table, the background color of cells is duplicated in the nearest cells.

- [LIB-10043]: Duplication of Measures and Dimensions 

Master items can be added multiple time to the same table.

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