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Vizlib Custom Report v5.12.0 released!

Release Date: 29/11/21

- [VSS-9987]: Implement export to excel on SaaS

As part of our efforts to support Qlik Cloud/SaaS we have found a way to handle exports to Excel in Custom Report. Exporting of images from extensions is expected to be possible soon since Qlik has indicated they will release support for this in an upcoming release. Refer to this article for an updated and more detailed view on Qlik SaaS limitations. 

- [VSS-1576]: Performance improvement when using many Dimensions or Measures [Phase 1]

This issue has been partially resolved and performance significantly improved. Further improvements are expected the next major release (6.0.0) when a large rebuild of the Custom Report backend is introduced.

- [VSS-1816] & [VSS-10116]: Rapidly selecting Dimensions cause selected Dimensions to be deselected

Similar to the VSS-1576 issue this has been partially resolved and will be improved further in version 6.0.0.

- [VSS-10143]: Trellis- selection is automatically confirmed when the first data is selected

Selections of data in Trellis mode was happening a bit too fast. It will now wait for confirmation before making a selection.

- [VSS-10153]: Property Panel Visualization Settings do not work correctly when Details is turned ON for a first time. 

When the feature for showing details is first turned on it was throwing a lot of errors in the console log.

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