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Vizlib Table v3.18.0 released!

Release Date: 03/12/21

- [LIB-10541]: Minicharts Height

A new feature, set the height of a mini chart, this new feature allows a creation of a trellis display of several chart at once.
Users can compare the trends, distributions between different entities easily and find data driven insights easily.


- [LIB-10330]: Mini Chart Display

The mini chart shows all bars at the same height if no selection is made in the mini chart dimension field.

- [LIB-10393]: Mini Line Chart Display

The line mini chart isn't displayed in all the rows in the table, when using set analysis in the mini chart measure expression.

- [LIB-9154]: Table Flicker 

When app reload is completed there is an evident flicker to the table

- [LIB-10418]: CSS Styling Not Working 

CSS styling isn't reflected in the table display.

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