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License expiration notification (Don’t show for everyone)

We need to be able to remove or disable the notification about the expiration of the license in your personal account (Offline work mode).

If I click "Do not show again", then the warning will appear not only for me. But for all other users, this message appears. It would be nice to be able to turn off this notification for all users at once.

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  • Absolutely agree. We work in a mashup environment with customers accessing the visualizations. It looks very unprofessional when the warning appears to our customers, 

  • +1 This is a minor, but very important feature from a branding point of view. We want to make sure a small group of people are notified, but not all users, and we need to have a way to manage this. Maybe a single configuration file can be used for this purpose, storing the list of contacts to be notified before the license expires. 

    In addition, being able to set how early (eg 7, 15, 60 days) the notification will be displayed, would be another useful feature.

  • We have had the same issue.  VIzlib doesn't update the extensions for 24-48 prior to expiration, so users are notified for 5-6 days, with no way to stop it without contacting vizlib directly.  

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