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Vizlib Custom Report - Mashup Export Options accept Expression/Variable

In the Search/Replace area in the Custom Report options for exporting from externally hosted mashups.  The drawback I have with this is when we promote from our Dev to UAT to Prod environments the Replace Value has to be changed.  I can do so in the Dev environment but not in UAT or PROD.  Can the Replace Value area be enhanced to accept expressions or variables? 


Expression (or include in load script as a variable):

i.e. if computer name = dev then replace value = abc

              if computer name = Uat then replace value = def

                          if computer name = Prod then replace value = ghi


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  • Hi Carl,
    ​I understand the issue and it is definitely something we could consider in a future version. I have created an internal task to have this added and you will automatically be notified when the feature is released.

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#30062) and URL

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