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Vizlib Toolbar v1.3.1 released!

Release Date: 29/12/21

- [VSS-10148]: Variable lists with spaces are not trimmed

You would probably expect a list of variables to be trimmed (spaces removed before and after the variable name). This is now the case. If you (for some mysterious reason) was using a space and wanted to have it that way you will have to replace it with something else. (There is a "hard space" if you really want something that looks like a blank space. :-)  

- [VSS-10322]: Initial Loading of the Toolbar is Slow

In some situations the Toolbar would wait for way too long before displaying the extension. (You would notice this both from the general slowness but most of the time also a cancel-button would appear.) This had to do with a previous workaround for Qlik printing not waiting long enough for items to appear. We have tested printing extra carefully and this fix should not have a negative impact but of course do let us know if something is amiss.

- [VSS-10017]: Vizlib Toolbar / Problem with Reload app action

This was a general problem with reload actions in Vizlib and the fix for that is included in this release.

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