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Vizlib Tiles v2.5.0 released!

Release Date: 10/01/22

- [VSS-10344]: Tiles Performance improvement (loading slowly and showing Cancel-button)

For some implementations Tiles would load very slowly. The typical indication of this would be the cancel-button appearing on the extension despite the data volumes not being massive.

- [VSS-10209]: Tiles Activate sheet keeps a stuck tooltip

 When creating an Action on a Tile to activate a sheet and using Viztips as a tooltip, the tooltip did not clear and stayed active on the next sheet when clicking on the tile Action.

- [VSS-10205]: Sheet Menu with Tiles - tooltip header is hidden

When using Tiles with Vizlib Sheet Menu, and in some customer specific mash-up implementations, part of the Tooltip could be hidden. Tooltip should now always stay on top.

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