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Adjust Style Options of Qlik Table Within Vizlib Custom Report

The out of the box Qlik Table allows for additional styling - adjust row height, content font size, header font size, scrollbar size, column widths, etc. Unfortunately, the styling options for the Qlik Table are limited within the Vizlib Custom Report. When moving the Qlik table inside of a Vizlib Custom Report, it's currently not possible to adjust any of the styling options mentioned above, limiting the flexibility of the tool. A great feature to add would be allowing developers the ability to customize the styling options of the Qlik Table within the Vizlib Custom Report. 

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  • One of the requirements I had was enabling scrolling down or up on vertically and left or right horizontally in a Vizlib Pivot table just as Qlik's Pivot table does.  Replicating the default Qlik chart behavior and adding styles as Eric mentioned would enhance user experiences and engagements with Vizlib charts.  Thanks for the idea!

  • Absolutely a great idea. Thanks Eric!

  • Hi Eric,
    we are constantly adding more settings to be able to customize the Custom Report visualizations but we do not aim to replace the Qlik Sense developer experience. For full design features we still recommend using a Qlik Sense developer license and the settings available to those users. To make the development process quicker you might find this feature useful:

    With export to new sheet the user can get the object extracted as its own object and it can then be customized in any way the user wants. Many developers use this as a much quicker way of creating new charts compared to starting from scratch.

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#31503) and URL

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