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Vizlib Table v3.18.3 released!

Release Date: 10/02/22

- [LIB-10583]: Hyperlink is Broken
When using A URL that is different than HTTP or HHTPS, the link isn't clickable.

- [LIB-10517]: Export of Merged Cells.

When using formatted export on a table with merged cells, the title and subtitle of the table are merged to the first value.

- [LIB-10706]: Numeric Abbreviations

When using Auto Number Format, Symbols doesn't change according to changes done in the app variables in the load script.

- [LIB-10685]: Line Mini-Chart Display

When using a line type in the mini-chart, the first data point of the chart is hidden by the cell border.

- [LIB-10609]: Mini-Chart Display

When using a master item dimension, that is a calculated dimension. Mini charts aren't displayed in a table.

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