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Change the color of a line in a combo chart according to an expression.

I have two trend lines - say actuals and target - which are to be added to a vizlib combo chart. I want to change the color of the actuals line to red when it goes above the target line, and green when it crosses downwards. So essentially the color of the actuals line will be red when it is above the target and green when it is below the target.  I added an expression in the line color settings of the actuals measure
but it does not work and changes the color of whole line to LightGreen.
The persistent color is turned off and the color is set to auto  

Can anyone help.

  • Hi Siddhant,

    I just want to share our Documentation resources for VL Combo Chart so you can take a look.
    Also I have attached our demo app so you see if there is something similar you want to achieve.

    And here we have some mode demos apps you can take a look.

    We have provided a solution for the ticket you have raised with us. If for any reason the resolution provided is not to your complete satisfaction however, please simply reply to this email with a sample app and I can take a look.

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