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Vizlib Server - SSL Certificate use official certificate key store from Operating System rather than direct path to the file

It will be nice to have SSL Certificate for Vizlib Server grabbed automatically from the official certificate key store for Operating  System rather than use SSL Certificate from direct path to the locally stored certificate. 


1. We do not need to perform manually work to put SSL certificate to some path on server where Vizlib will be installed and then after installation of it change the path of the certificate to some installation folder of Vizlib Server (under ProgramFiles - to not loose it). 

2.  When we delete certificate from the path from where Vizlib Server wants to take it, the Vizlib Server does not work anymore, so we need to remember that we cannot delete those certificate. We need to remember to copy this certificate to some path under installation folder of Vizlib Server - to not delete it by accident. When it will be taken from official cert key store we do not have this problem.

3. When SSL Certificate expired, we do not need to remember to update this certificate in some path on server where Vizlib Server is installed, it is automatically grabbed from official cert key store.

4. When we have more Vizlib Server instances the problem with certificate stored under the path becomes bigger - more manual work is needed to make it working.

  • Hi,
    Vizlib Server is not able to read the certificates from the Windows store due to restrictions in the NodeJs framework. Instead we recommend to serve Vizlib Server over HTTP and have an external reverse proxy upgrade the connection to HTTPS. 
    Kind regards

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#31693) and URL

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