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Sheet Menu - Top menu logo positioning

We would like to have the ability to choose the horizontal position of the Logo on the Top Menu.

Our company preferred position is top-right, so right aligned on Top Menu

Currently, there is an x-pos value setting but unfortunately this only permits a value up to 400, irrespective of what value is entered. 

This restricts the the positioning of the logo to the left on Top Menu.

We suggest/request that either the value restriction be removed so that any x-pos can be entered and used OR this is replaced with a more common Left - Centre - Right alignment option for the Logo

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  • Hi Malcolm,

    Thank you for your product suggestion!

    I understand this issue and I have gone ahead to create an internal ticket relating to this Feature Request.

    Like with all Feature Requests, we will see how it can fit into our roadmap.

    Kind regards,

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#31722) and URL

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