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Add Master Item to Writeback table Form View


I have a situation where I have a writeback table that has "Cases". The user has to edit each case and there only option is to use the form view. 



To be to know how to fill out the form the users need to see detailed information about that Case. Right now, I have to have a container with a regular table next to the writeback table to provide the this detailed information. When the user clicks a single case in the table, the container switches to a KPI Designer that contains all of the information needed to fill out the form. 



KPI Designer: It has a master item of a vizlib table in it at the bottom.


All of the information in the "Service Information" section is single response per Case ID and I can add them to the writeback form view currently in  the "Case Background" section. However the items in the "Procedure Information" are multiple response and it is a table that typically has 2-10 rows and it has 20 columns. I am unable to put that information into the form view because of the multiple row nature of the data. If I could insert a masterfile item directly into the form I would not need 2 separate sections to look at the same data as it would be integrated into the form. I need to be able to scroll on the table to view all the fields but not click/interact with it. 

I know this is probably a tough one, but I thought I would ask. :)


Melissa Pluke

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