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Sort columns in pivot table

According to the pivot table documentation, the user can only be offered the classification of the columns already pre-established by the developer, only one option: Ascending or Descending.

However users need to order the columns according to their analytical needs,

This feature must be enabled on the pivot table so that the user can sort the columns ascending or descending.


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  • Hi Alex,
    The images you sent over really help to clarify this FR.

    We will see the traction it receives and hope to include it on our next roadmap.

    In the meantime, feel free to share this with other people, the more people liking the FR the sooner it will be completed.

    kind regards,

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#31779) and URL

  • Sorting a pivot table by the first measure, as available in Qlik's native pivot table, would be a good addition for sure if it's not available yet.

    Not really sure what other kind of sorting is being referred to. I don't expect users to write their own sort expressions in Qlik script. No images are attached to this post, so the rest of us can't see what is being referred to.

  • Hi Shoham,

    The Vizlib support team helped me solve part of the requirement of my users.

    I ask Lucas to please share the qvd where he shows the example combining vizlib filter and the expression that, when adapted to my needs, worked for me.


  • I can provide the QVF here for everyone so you can use/examine how to implement it with your work, whilst, in the interim we see if it fits with our roadmap.

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