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Activate show / hide condition for individual columns in the form view of the Writeback table

Hi community,

I found that in the writeback table, you can show or hide columns in the tableview as you're used to from the normal table. If you activate the formview and you look at the columns in the formview, it simply ignores the settings for showing or hiding the columns.

In the moment this is "as designed" (I have opened another ticket, because the show / hide stuff activated by formulas does not work properly  for the groups in the form view as well), but in my opinion the show condition should work for the columns independently of form view or table view.

I want to use the formview, because I have too many columns and it's becoming unhandy for the user. But then if the form view shows columns, where the user shall not enter anything, it does not make sense for me anymore to use the formview at all. It even shows the show / hide condition for the columns in the formview wizard. But then it just ignores it.

What do you think? Would it be a useful feature if the show / hide condition is working for the individual column in the tableview as well as in the formview?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,


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  • This is possible through the "Show Group If"-setting in the Form View wizard. See images for details. 

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