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URL in Vizlib Pivot Table as a Dimension (not a measure)


I would like to be able to have a URL as a dimension in a Vizlib pivot table. In the current version it's only possible to have it as a measure:


Please vote for my request ;-)

Best regards


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  • Hi Stephane,

    I hope to find you well.
    Thank you for this Feature Request! We will see the response it gets from the community and how it then sits with our future roadmap.

    Is there a reason for needing this feature? Understanding the business reasons for this will help to prioritise this about all other feature requests.
    If this feature was to be developed, is there a way that you expect this to work?

    Kind regards,

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#32108) and URL

  • Hello Luke,

    Thank you for reaching me.

    We are loading data from our core system in Qlik Sense (Insurance). It’s a lot of details and we don’t want to “redo” everything in QS. So we have a link to the specific case (in that case a Claim) and the user can go there, take actions, decision and the impact will be in QS at the next refresh.

    We would like to be able to setup the link the very same way is in Vizlib Table. Without showing you too much (confidential data) here is what we do in Vizlib Table:


    We miss the possibility to do the same in Vizlib Pivot Table (used by Finance people).



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