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Vizlib Pivot Table v3.3.2 released!

Release Date: 10/03/22

- [LIB-10938]: Vizlib Pivot Table Row Alignment Issues

Alignment of the Pivot Table's rows have now been fixed to improve the user experience.

- [LIB-10935]: Visualization Issue for Null Values in the Pivot Table

When expanding a dimension with null values, the Pivot Table no longer displays icons matching the row below.

- [LIB-10882]: Pivot Table Displays Incorrect Data when the Second Dimension Has Fixed Number with 'Show others' Enabled

When having a Pivot Table with 2 dimensions and using limitation for the second dimension; when the 'Show Others' is enabled- it now correctly shows the 'Others label' instead of the first dimension name.

- [LIB-10773]: Pivot Table Total Label Changing Not Saving

The totals column on the Pivot Table now reflects what was in the Property Panel.

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