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Pivot Table - Change Highlighted Row's font color

We would like to change the font color when we hover over rows that we have enabled row hover on. 

Under Pivot Table Settings: 

We have the option 'Highlight Rows on Hover' and can choose a color.

Would it be possible to also have an option for 'Highlighted Rows Font Color' or something similar?

I would imagine that this could conflict with other cell defined properties for font's but I would think the action of hover over, could supersede these since it's temporary.

My ask is driven by the default font color is dark, so a dark'er row hover color choice makes the data points get lost on hover. Our corporate standard here is a bit darker so they completely disappear for color impaired users.

Thanks for consideration.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for this feature request and for clearly explaining the business value it brings.

    For the time being, our current roadmap has been defined and therefore we will see how this feature request can fit into our next roadmap.

    The more interaction this ticket receives the sooner we are to complete it.

    It seems like a simple task with a nice use case so I have gone ahead to create an internal ticket for it - LIB-10991

    Hope you keep well.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#32307) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
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