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Vizlib Sheet Menu v3.4.6 released!

Release Date: 18/03/22

- [LIB-10946]: Upgrading from Vizlib Sheet Menu from a version < v3.3.0 to a newer version (>= v3.3.0) automatically adds border to Top Column

There was a bug which was fixed in the newer versions of Vizlib Sheet Menu that would provide the correct colour for the boarder on buttons and tabs. The default colour was now been referenced correctly but this issue seemed to effect customers relying on the wrong behaviour. 

We have, in this release, provided a solution for upgrading from older version (< 3.3.0) that will fix the boarder issue

- [LIB-10963]: Sheet Title doesn't respect custom text title when a custom report is on the sheet and in analysis mode only

This issue has been fixed so that the sheet menu text is unaffected by the custom report visualisation.

- [LIB-10898]: Published sheets missing, in "General app view"

Qlik sheets using the Vizlib Sheet Menu will appear in your app view 


Please be aware that we have fixed an issue that occurred when upgrading from older versions (< v3.3.0) to any newer version of Vizlib Sheet Menu (>= v3.3.0). There may be some display and aesthetic changes.

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