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Mini Charts Do Not Respond To Dimension Colours


I have a table where I want to have the colour of the mini chart to be related to the dimension of the table, but dimensionality is ignored when setting the colour of the mini chart.

In the attached example I have the following expression to give colours:


=if(maxstring(Colour) = 'Blue', '#5555dd', if(maxstring(Colour) = 'Green', '#55dd55', if(maxstring(Colour) = 'Red', '#dd5555', '#888888')))

This is applied to all three columns in the table:


In the two text based columns the code applies the colour correct.

In the minichart however the dimension of Colour is ignored and the MaxString(Colour) expression returns Red (the last alphabetically) and therefore all three mini charts are shown in red.

That colour expression should respect the dimensionality at the point it is called, so we would have three different coloured charts.

I hope that makes sense?



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  • Thanks Steve! I like this one too
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