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Vizlib Grid Chart v1.0.0 released!

Release Date: 22/03/22

- [LIB-10990]: Vizlib Grid Chart is Released!

The new Grid Chart will allow you to visualize your data as a heatmap or as a grid chart that adds another layer of context by adding a second KPI to the chart.
Using the new Grid Chart, users will gain insights into patterns in the data and the impact and significance of each data point.

Below you can find some examples of Questions best answered using the new chart:

  • What is the busiest hour in your different shops, and where is the highest avg deal. 
  • Which team(s) have the highest output and the value provided by their production.

The Vizlib Grid Chart is easy to use chart with rich customization options, such as:

  • Alternative measures and dimensions allow users to drill through the data to find the most critical insights. 
  • Rich design options enable users to get all the insights from the chart in an easy-to-read manner. 
  • An option to display data as a heatmap (one KPI) or as a Grid chart (two KPIs), and an easy way to change the display type.

Note: The release of Vizlib Grid Chart will eventually replace the Vizlib Heatmap.

 Vizlib Grid Chart Documentation