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Vizlib Server v4.1.0 released!

Release Date: 23/03/22

- [CLB-2881] Upgrade Postgres SQL to version 14.1.1

The default database installed with Vizlib Server will be automatically upgraded to newer Postgres SQL version during this update.
Note: this will not affect external databases connected to the Vizlib Server nor external DB chosen during the installation.

- [CLB-2907]: [VMC] Security Rules search engine does not work for some resource types.

Searching for Resource ID sometimes did not return any results. (Only related to some resource types)

- [CLB-3031]: [VMC] Security Rules, creating new security rule can fail when there is a child group.

When a child groups was created sometimes an error message with "validation error..." would show up. The validation message is now more user friendly.

- [CLB-3037]: [VMC] MS SQL Integration - instance name fix.

Use of instance name would break the connection to MSSQL Server.

- [CLB-3057]: [Vizlib Server] Extension Server URL custom property in QMC is getting changed without any actions.

There was an issue with using http that could get changed to https.

- [CLB-3066]: [Vizlib Server] Writeback - cannot create table with without at least one column connected to data model.

The issue was reported for Snowflake but could happen with other integrations too.

- [CLB-3340]: [VMC] Random errors displayed after performing a server restart.

Related to the user login and more specifically was an issue for non-admin users.

- [CLB-3381]: [Vizlib Server] Silent installation fixes.

Postgres connections would sometimes get set up incorrectly.

- [CLB-3409]: [Vizlib Server] Writeback - Validate Fields does not work properly with QVD destinations.

Validation of fields did not work properly for QVDs and would throw an "Export failed" message.

- [CLB-3336]: [Vizlib Server] Security Rules - Entered values are not trimmed.

That could cause unexpected behaviors when copy & pasting values with additional whitespace characters.

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