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Vizlib Custom Report v5.13.2 released!

Release Date: 24/03/22

- [VSS-10431]: Custom Report Pivot Table Totals Column doesn't go away

The issue was related to totals on columns not functioning properly. 

- [VSS-10582]: Dimension label not working as expected.

Using expressions in the dimension label did not always evaluate. This is a partial fix since we during testing found another issue. There is a remaining known issue with updates of calculated values in dimension expressions. A fix for that is scheduled for the next release so let us know if you are still seeing issues related to expressions in labels and we can verify that we cover your use-case.

- [VSS-10614]: Custom Report omits rows in Qlik SaaS when you Export to Excel 

The issue was related to selections made in a Selection Bar Master Item and only occurred on Qlik SaaS.

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