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Password Protected Export to Specific Location

When working with sensitive information, it helps to have control over how that information exits a Qlik Sense application and where it lends.

The idea is to have some sort of property on an object, be it a table or a chart or a button with an Export Object Data action, that would let Qlik Sense developers control where an exported file would be stored and have the exported file be password-protected with a unique password for each user.

This is helpful in an environment where users are working on sensitive information and have access to a secured network directory where exported files can be saved and accessed by users of the application. The workflow would be:

  1. Develop and publish application with properties set that control where an application is able to export data and have exports be password-protected for each user.
  2. Give a set of users access to the application.
  3. Setup a secured network directories for each user where data exported from the app would be stored for each user of an app.
This way, when users export data, it would go to a designated directory and be password-protected reducing the chance of sensitive information exiting an application and being lost and exposed in user's Downloads folder. So a scenario like user leaving a company and having to turn in their machine back to IT would not expose sensitive information to IT department once they receive the machine or anyone who shouldn't have access to the sensitive information as that information would be stored in a secured directory and be password-protected.

This, of course, doesn't stop users from moving files to an unsecured directory and removing the password protection from exported file, just like it doesn't stop users from showing data in the app to someone who doesn't have access to the app, but it still is helpful to have those security features in place to help reduce unintended leaking of sensitive information.

  • Hi Mikhail,
    thank you for your input and we do especially appreciate the clear description and why it would be important to you.

    However, this type of feature would be better suited for implementation as a standard on the platform (Qlik Sense) side since that is where security and access is typically controlled. We do definitely add more features even around security in our Vizlib Server too but it is not a focus area for the front-end extensions. Restrictions of how to guard data that the users do have access to is difficult to construct and could also easily lead to unintended limitations and errors. For those reasons this is currently not something we intend to implement.

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#32569) and URL

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