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Vizlib Filter v3.11.0 released!

Release Date: 04/04/22

- [LIB-10974]: Vizlib filter appear overlap other objects

In edit mode on Qlik Sense. The filter would appear on top of other visualisations when they are in full screen mode. This has been resolved.

- [LIB-10725]: Filter background of the popup dropdown becomes transparent on selecting any value

When you have selected a value from the filter, the filter had a transparent background that would extend from the Filter and also had a black border color. Selecting values no longer have a boarder color applied or result in the transparent background.

- [LIB-10905]: Intermittent issue with filter select

Selecting some vales on the filter had the issue that the Filter wouldn't allow you to select other vales on it. This issue has been resolved.

- Extension performance increase!

We have also reduced the overall file size of the Vizlib Filter by 73.37%. You will see better performance from this extension.

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