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Conditional Formatting of Cells for Evaluated Measures/Dimensions on Collaboration Write-back Tables

After consulting with your tech support it would appear as though we are unable to conditionally format cells (background colour, text colour, etc) for evaluated dimensions/measures within your Collaboration Write-back tables.  Conditional formatting currently only works with a straightforward presentation of field values.  

When you have simple data models, this isn't a problem.  However, as your data model increases in size and combined multiple tables of data in a more complex way, you find yourself having to use IF statements and set analysis expressions when presenting both dimensions and measures.  It is when using these more complex expressions within the Collaboration Write-back table that you find the conditional formatting stops working.  This means that, at present, we are not therefore able to present data in exactly the same way as you would within a native Qlik Sense Straight Table.

It would be very useful if this feature could be developed and introduced to this product.

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