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Finance Report to handle the design (Row Style) based on dimension x

The finance report is set up to handle the design (Row Style) based on the first dimension. For that reason the design can not repeated by adding another dimension as the first dimension. For our certain reports, we need the ability to repeat the design of Vizlib Finance report for dimension x.

With the current functionality the design is achieved by specifying the report in a way that the first dimension has all the needed rows Including totals for each dimension value. Indention can be set to get the desired hierarchy look. that design/format is only applicable to ReportRow and ReportGroup defined in the report definition excel.

I am requesting the ability to decide the Row Style based on dimension x instead of always being based on the first dimension. Ability to attach Dimension x to ReportGroup can also solve this problem. See the attachment to view the output we want to achieve.

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