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Vizlib Gantt v2.4.0 released!

Release Date: 28/04/22

- [VGT-559]: Coloring of Dimension Panel

You can now customise the Vizlib Gantt even more! With this release you can customise the Dimension groups to change the Text Colour and Background Colour. 

This bring further customisability to your Vizlib Gantt’s and importantly you can now improve the theming of the Gantt towards your company colours and brand.

- [VGT-548]: Adjust Width of Dimension Panel

With long titles/dimension names this had the effect that the Vizlib Gantt would expand the dimension panel to accommodate these titles.

The titles will remain auto until you edit them in the property panel. If you choose to edit the width in the Property Panel you have the option to choose whether to 'Wrap' or 'Cut' the text.

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