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Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus v1.3.0 released!

Release Date: 05/05/22

- [LIB-11115]: Add Vizlib Actions for Top Menu Items and Side Menu Items

Vizlib actions are now available for Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus (SM+). This was the final step in ensuring that SM+ matched all the same functional and technical and requirements as the 1st Generation extension, Vizlib Sheet Menu whilst being Qlik SaaS compatible.

- [LIB-11106]: [Published App] Edit button instead Duplicate on sheets with Sheet Menu Plus

For published apps the 'Edit' button was still vizable instead of displaying 'Duplicate'. With this release, Sheet Menu Plus now shows the correct 'Duplicate' button.

- [LIB-11107]: Side menu is visible in App Overview

The side menu was appearing in some App Overview sections. We have ensured that this doesn't happen with this release.

- [LIB-10971]: Vizlib Sheet Menu - Top Menu open URL not working

The action of opening a URL using the Sheet Menu Plus wasn't working. With this release of supported Vizlib Actions, you can now open URLs once again.

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