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Vizlib Bar Chart v3.4.0 released!

Release Date: 04/05/22

- [LIB-11049]: Vizlib Bar Chart Legend Sorting Issue

There was an issue where displaying the Bar Chart legend in Alphabetical or Load Order (in either ascending or descending) the order would actually not be the correct load order and instead the legend was reversed and not respected, therefore, it was displayed incorrectly.

In this release of the Bar Chart the legend is displayed in the correct order for both Alphabetical and Load Order.


Please be aware that we have fixed a broken behaviour in the Bar Chart legend, so when upgrading to this release and newer versions of the Bar Chart, if you are upgrading from a previous version ≤ 3.3.3.    It’s unlikely to affect many customers but your Bar Chart Legend may be presented differently.    The bug that we fixed respects the ascending and descending order for both Alphabetical or Load Order which means you may see a difference in the way your Bar Chart legend is presented.    Because in some previous versions of the Bar Chart the legend was being displayed in reverse order to what was actually selected in the Property Panel.    Upgrading to this release and newer will correctly display the legend depending on the ascending or descending property selected.

- [LIB-10949]: VL Bar Chart. Incomplete Rendering of Visualizations using NPrinting

When rendering bar charts and tables in NPrinting, the graphs or tables do not completely render.  For example, the Title and Legend will appear, but the bar chart and axis will not, from the same object. Or header and left column will appear but no data in the table.

This issue has been resolved in this release, allowing for complete renders of the Bar Chart when using NPrinting.

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