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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Form v4.2.0 released!

Release Date: 12/05/22

- [CLB-3457]: [Writeback Table] Key Columns.
You are now able to specify which columns should be used to identify rows when updating / deleting rows. This makes it a lot easier to avoid unwanted duplicates and take full control of how data is connected.

- [CLB-3034]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Make table or form read only when user has no access to the destination.

Previously in such a scenario the error message was displayed and data was not shown. With this change, data will be displayed - as it is available in the Qlik Data Model - but table / form will be in a read only state.

- [CLB-3227]: [Writeback Table] Option to enable / disable interactive sort and field selections.

With these new options it is now possible to configure which columns should be sortable and which should have magnifier icon in the header allowing for quick selections. For example for larger tables or when a certain order is preferred it could make sense to block these settings.

- [CLB-2863]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Issue when defining options field for dropdown column / field.

There was a bug which resulted in dropdown options not refreshing after providing new field value and still showing options from a previously selected field.

- [CLB-3298]: [Writeback Table] Setup wizard breaks data connection expression.

This bug was causing the expression to be removed and replaced with an evaluated value on opening wizard one more time and changing some other properties.

- [CLB-3357]: [Writeback Table] Writeback overwrite operation needs 3 minutes to complete
We introduced a number of optimizations for Writeback Tables which should be especially noticeable in tables using Calculated Columns or Live Totals. 

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