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Vizlib Table v3.18.7 released!

Release Date: 23/05/22

- [LIB-11083]: Duplication rows in excel after export Table to excel

An error occurred when there are more rows in the table than in the preview in the browser. After scrolling, some of the rows were viewed in the browser but when exporting the table as Excel as Formatted Data the table would duplicate data. This has been rectified in this latest release of the Vizlib Table. 

- [LIB-11120]: Export as Values displays the custom format expression in the exported file

For some users using formatted expressions and exporting their results to Excel, they would be presented with the formatted Qlik Data. We have resolved this issue to present the correct values. 

- [LIB-11039]: Vizlib Table values in Qlik Stories not being displayed

When exporting Vizlib Table in Story to pdf, the exported story doesn’t display the values in the Table. This has been fixed to display the table as desired.

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