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Vizlib Pivot Table v3.4.0 released!

Release Date: 31/05/22

- [LIB-11058]: Wizard Redesign

The pivot table wizard has a new design. The new design makes it easier for users and developers to see which fields are used in the table.
The pivot table wizard allows users an intuitive way to create and modify pivot tables to match their business questions.
All users can modify a pivot table display using the wizard without going into edit mode.  

- [LIB-11091]: Incorrect Dimensions Positions

When using calculated conditions for the dimensions display, dimensions appear as columns, although they are defined to appear as rows.

- [LIB-11210]: Missing Rows in Display

Dimensions defined to appear as rows, aren't displayed in the initial loading of the pivot table.

- [LIB-11110]: Wrong Selections Behavior and Hypercube Error

When using a hidden dimension with a calculated condition, selections applied to horizontal dimensions either result in a hypercube error or a selection on the wrong dimension.

- [LIB-11072]: Upgrading Pivot Table to 3.X tree - "Performance Improvements can be applied" message persists

Performance improvement message, appears when upgrading to version 3.X.X, although the user upgraded correctly.

- [LIB-11055]: Row Title isn't affected by the "Italic" Font style

Font Style isn't applied to measure title cell.

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