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Vizlib Flow Chart v2.0.0 released!

Release Date: 07/06/22

- [LIB-10897]: Viztips Support 

The powerful feature that are Viztips will be available in this release. Bring another level to your data exploration by creating a Viztip and adding it to your Flow Chart.

- [LIB-10896]: Sequential Coloring on Nodes

The nodes can be colored using Sequential Coloring in this release of Flow Chart 2.0.0

- [LIB-10895]: Alternative Measures and Dimensions 

You can now have the choice of using alternative Measures and/or Dimensions with this release of the Flow Chart.

- [LIB-11207]: The message about not supporting dimension defined as calculation with '=' is displayed only after reloading the page

When adding a dimension to the Flow Chart and the dimension started with an '=', the chart wouldn't update to say that this dimension was invalid until the webpage/application refreshed. This has been solved for this release, informing users when their dimensions are valid or not.

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