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Save Preset in Custom report do not work


We are using the version 5.13.5 of the Custom Report. the "save preset" does not work (even with tables). The work around is to save a new one with the same name and delete the old one. This is not a good solution as the id of the object is different. Also simple changes like collapse groups is not saving. the maintenance of the custom report is fastidious and the risk users are loosing there bookmarks is high.

Please take this in consideration.



  • Hi Stephane, 
    I am able to reproduce the issue with updating Presets so we will try to get that fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting it!

    When you mention collapse group, do you mean collapsing dimensions in a pivot table? We do not save that information since it could potentially be a rather large amount of data have a negative performance impact. (The default feature for this in Qlik storing layout in the bookmark is not applicable since the objects inside Custom Report are only generated on demand and not stored.) If you are talking about the groups if dimensions and measures, then afaik we do store that information and it should be saved in both bookmarks and presets so in that case please help us with an example and steps to reproduce the issue.

    As for your comment about the Custom Report being fastidious and that users risk loosing bookmarks I am not sure what you mean? Bookmarks are stored by Qlik and for the last few years that seems to have been a rather stable solution. Could you provide more details and explain if there is something we could do to improve the user experience?

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#33901) and URL

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