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Column reference in validation condition of input fields (numeric)

In the input form or the writeback table, you can use a column reference in a calculated column, but unfortunately not in a minimum / maximum evaluation for a numeric input field. So if you want to enter an interval, where you have an input field for the start of the interval and a second input field for the end of the interval, you can not dynamically set a lower value for the upper limit and vice versa.

If it would be possible to use column references with a formula like =RangeSum(Column('START_OF_SEARCH_INTERVAL'), 50000, -1), then you could dynamically enter the interval and always make sure, that the start of the interval is lower than the end of the interval.

It would be great, if this was possible.

Best regards,


  • Just one additional remark: it's possible to use the column reference in the condition for showing or hiding an input field or for allowing to edit or not to edit an input field.

    But in the validation condition, the same reference returns Null or 0 and in my opinion, this limitation should be removed.

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