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Allow to know in which tab is a container selected

In a vizlib container grid object, we can see in whick tab we are, but we don’t have this information in any place.

Like the image bellow, we can see that we are in the tab “By Discipline”. But we need this information to create actions through this tab change, or to use this information as a condition in other object for example.


  • Hi Steffen,

    Thanks for this Feature Request. 

    Am I understanding your request correctly when I say, you would like there to be a way that we register which tab you are on so you can perform an action (and apply bookmarks) based on this tab selection?

    ​The roadmap has been defined for the moment but any great FR can get prioritised for our next roadmap. 

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#34279) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
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