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Vizlib Custom Report v6.0.0 released!

Release Date: 04/07/22

- [VSS-1651] Version 6.0.0 rewrite

For this version of the Custom Report we are making very large changes in the background (essentially a complete rewrite) to improve the stability and performance. The changes allows us to more quickly add new features in upcoming versions. The version will be backwards compatible so any old Custom Report will still work and have the same settings as before. However, there are some relatively minor changes listed below. The changes have been carefully considered and balanced between consistency/stability and the value of the feature that has changed.

Please read all of the below carefully before updating and of course (as always) use your test and acceptance environments to validate that your solutions work as expected.

Changes in the visualization does not affect anything in Custom Report (One-way communication)

  • This essentially means that resorting of fields in Table or Pivot table does not change the sort order in Analytic Search bar
  • Exception: Changes in native Pivot and Vizlib Pivot by moving dimensions from left to top (or opposite direction) is captured to make sure we can save that information in bookmarks, presets and defaults.
  • Reason for this change is to avoid performance issues and inconsistent behavior when dealing with changes in both the Custom Report and inside the visualization itself. With this new approach it should be clearer (and also easier to explain) exactly what is going on at all times.

The Selection indication bar is gone.

Keeping this would have required the Custom Report to listen to the selections in Qlik Sense and with that cause unnecessary issues with performance and stability

Removed “close match” option in Analytic Search.

  • The use of two different menu options on the analytic search bar was a bit confusing and very few customers used this option.
  • Search still works and will provide a list of alternatives to choose from as you type.

Non-matching text is removed from the Analytic Search bar.

When writing a text where only some of the words match a dimension, measure or visualization we do not keep the non-matching words. This keeps the search-bar less cluttered.

Logic for auto-selection of charts is changed
The logic for chart selection has been rewritten which might lead to other charts being automatically selected compared to earlier versions. It is of course still possible to chose what visualization you would like to see.

The new logic is based on a scoring system that considers number of dimensions, number of measures, values in the first dimension and type of value (date,geo). Speed is a priority before visual appeal so table and pivot table are selected more often than before.

There should also no longer be any situations where no chart is selected. (It could happen before even though it was rare.)

Scrollbars use browser native scrollbars

Previously we used a slightly different scrollbar for the Custom Report. This change should be barely noticeable but is a slight change in the design. The scrollbars used in the earlier version was mainly there to make it look ok in IE 11 which is now (since a few months) no longer supported.

Removed the setting for “Enable Bookmarks

For consistency we decided it was better to not be able to deactivate the bookmarks. (It actually was a legacy setting that was introduced to handle performance and publication issues which are no longer relevant.)

In edit-mode when changing settings related to the data set. (I.e. adding or removing dimensions and measures) the visualization is not automatically updated anymore. This helps with the performance since (a lot) less unwanted recalculations of the visualization are needed. You will have to click this message in order to update the visualization after changing some settings. This is not for many settings and as mentioned only in edit-mode so it will only affect developers.

Sort bar is removed 

In reality this was no longer used since the Analytic Search Bar does that job much better.

The selected visualization does no longer appear in the visualization list.

This is just a small adjustment to make it consistent with how it normally in other similar situations.

Snapshots for storytelling created in old custom report does not work in the new. So if you have created stories in Qlik Sense with Custom Report, (presumably unlikely but still..) then you have to add the Custom Report snapshot again.

- [VSS-10334] Sorting of dimensions in Analytic Search

Sorting of dimensions was added to the Analytic Search bar.

Sort order is stored in presets, bookmarks and defaults.

- [VSS-10419] Add chart type for 2 dimensional bar chart

Bar Chart with 2 dimensions is now a separate visualization

  • This change allows us to create better automated chart selections. It also keeps a consistency when it comes to the number of dimensions and measures needed for a certain chart.
  • Further we can now in future releases allow separate settings for Bar Charts with 2 dimensions in the property panel which makes the setup more flexible.
  • Make sure both chart types are activated in the property panel if you need both!

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