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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v4.3.0 released!

Release Date: 29/06/22

- [CLB-2774]: [Writeback Table] Editable If on row level
Our previous implementation of Editable If was supporting Qlik's expressions to be used on a global level - e.g. specific cells could be editable only if specific selection was made. We added now support for expressions on row level that is supporting Column Syntax. This is a powerful feature which can unlock many new use cases for Writeback Table.
Note: Editable If on row level will have a negative impact on performance, therefore it's not recommended to use multiple Editable if expressions combined with large data sets.

- [CLB-3505]: [Writeback Table] Freeze Columns
For wider tables it is now possible to freeze one or few first columns so that they are always visible on the screen! Simply right-click on any column and select "Freeze columns" or use the setting in the property panel.

- [CLB-3491]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Conditional Formatting Improvements

Conditional Formatting for columns was released some time ago, but now it becomes even more powerful. We added the possibility to reference other columns when defining rules on a column level. It unlocks even more use cases for this awesome feature!


- [CLB-3187]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Better alignment options for radio buttons and multiple choice

We added new setting to control alignment for Radio and Multiple Choice columns. With this improved control you can make your Input Forms or Tables with Form View even more appealing!

- [CLB-3363]: [Writeback Table] Dynamic URL Labels

This addition applies to Text Columns when they are displayed as URL. Now you can define dynamic label which can be based on field values from that row to give even more context to your business users.

Note: With the switch between green and red you can choose if the calculation should be done once (faster) or if you need it calculated on each row.

- [CLB-3708], [CLB-3186]: [Input Form and Writeback Table] Form View Wizard bugs
There were a few bugs in the wizard that resulted in new fields not being added at proper places.

- [CLB-3177]: [Input Form] Checkbox and Multiple Choice fields tooltip positioning

Not all options were working properly, right now any combination of tooltip / suffix / options positioning will work as expected.

- [CLB-3186]: [Input Form] "Invalid value" in wrong place in Form View

Validation message was shown at the bottom of the modal window instead of below the specific field.

- [CLB-3454]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Printing Issues
Although we still believe that printing Writeback Table or Input Form is not a typical use case for those tools, we spent some time to ensure that when they are printed, they are printed correctly. This includes printing instances using server side destination or ones with lots of calculated columns with Live Totals enabled.

- [CLB-3507]: [Writeback Table] Advanced Wizard visual fixes

We simply made it to look even better. :-) 

- [CLB-3570]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Min/max changes are not applied instantly

The setting was not applied instantly which could potentially confuse Qlik developers during the creation process.

- [CLB-3668]: [Writeback Table] Table Wizard breaks editable flag

A bug which was causing the editable flag to be overwritten when modifying other column properties.

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