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Vizlib Teamwork v3.6.0 released!

Release Date: 29/06/22

- [CLB-3508]: Vizlib Teamwork for Qlik Sense SaaS

We continue to extend the list of our products that are available for customers using Qlik Sense SaaS. With this release it's possible to use Enterprise level Teamwork features with Qlik Sense SaaS. There is only one limitation. For now, due to some API limitations on the Qlik side, we disabled comments with bookmark selections. You can upvote this feature request with Qlik here if you'd like us to be able to include it.

Bug Fixes:
- [CLB-3719]: Custom property VZB_HIERARCHY_ACCESS is not created automatically on server restart
- [CLB-3621]: Workflows are not working

There was an issue which resulted in streams configured to use workflows to behave as regular streams.

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