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Vizlib Server v4.3.0 released!

Release Date: 01/07/22

- [CLB-3292]: [Writeback] Loop and Reduce - with loop values from source app dimension

In the initial version when defining the Loop and Reduce tasks user had to manually enter (or paste) loop values. It is now possible to select a dimension from which those values will be automatically fetched. This will be particularly useful when needing to loop through many values.

- [CLB-3716]: [Server for SaaS] Cloud automations - API update after Qlik release

Recently Qlik has officially released the official version of the automations API and some changes were required on our side due to that.

- [CLB-3348]: [Writeback] Destination time zone

This feature allows you to specify the time zone in which dates are going to be saved. Current implementation was assuming that all dates with time were written in GMT+0, which could cause issues for some users. A new setting allows you to specify, that saved dates are saved according to the destination (e.g. Postgres database) time settings. Setting is available under Default Settings inside Vizlib Management Console and applies to all Destinations configured.

- [CLB-3455]: Installer improvements

We added several smaller improvements to the installer including better port number validation, check for provided password strength and link updates.

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