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Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus v1.4.0 released!

Release Date: 07/07/22

- [LIB-6187]: Sheet Menu Plus to show Published and Public sheets

One of the powerful features of Qlik Sense is the ability of users to create new dashboards and share them with other users.

And the ability to navigate between dashboards seamlessly while keeping the context of your selections.
With this new feature, users can navigate to dashboards created by other users using the intuitive sheet menu navigation.
With this new feature, all the new dashboards created by other users or developers are automatically available to all other users via the sheet menu.

Please read the documentation here to get the full information on how to use this feature. 

- [LIB-11206]: Sheet Menu Plus - Set variable action doesn't work on Top Bar

Set Variables were not functioning as desired. We have found and fixed the problem associated with Set Variables.

 Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus Documentation